Supersport DSETVECTRAA Racing амортисьори Комплект от 4 за Vauxhall (Opel) Vectra Хечбек Notchback A A-CC Build Дата 09/1988 предно предаване

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Категория: Амортисьори, пружина


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Size Name:für die Vorder- & Hinterachse (4 Stück)

Supersport Sport shock absorbers for for front & rear axle (4pcs) Opel/Vauxhall Vectra A Hatchback, Type (S) a/CC, Year of Manufacture. 09/1988, front wheel drive this item is suitable for
Vehicle Make: VAUXHALL
Model: Vectra A
Material (S): Notchback/Hatchback
Type (S): A/A/A-CC
Year: 09/88 - Onwards
Drive: Front Wheel Drive
Why should you decide to use Super Sport bumper? Safety and cool look, the 2 pipe gas dampers have short, specially hardened piston rods and offer a much sporty damping than the original springs. In combination with the matching feathers maximise the dynamic handling characteristics of your car. Some Shock Absorber are at the rear with nut widening the height can be adjusted. This can also be carried out a fine tuning. Sports offers you a great German branded product probably the best value for money on the mark. The German manufacturer Supersport GmbH is certified according to international standard DIN EN ISO9001: 2000. There you can with technicians and engineers than you need as well as contacts. The premium 2 pipe gas damper system you won't lose sight Material allows the contact with the road and curves are a real fun factor to this product. Because trying to in day to day road traffic can be hazardous conditions cause the the car's a high driving dynamics and Kontrollierbarkeit shrouded in myth? It is a great feeling to know that the car will then react quickly and reliably.

Марка Supersport
Тегло 8 Kg
Размери 59 x 39.5 x 19.2 cm
Модел DSETVECTRAA/101984
Каталожен номер DSETVECTRAA/101984
Тегло бруто 8 Kg
Date First Available 6 Dec. 2012
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