Supersport SU60N033 спортно окачване/пружини,предно предване за VW Passat 35i Variant 35i type (s) VR6 (128 kW) дата 04 / 1988–08 / 1992

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Категория: Амортисьори, пружина


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Product Description

SUPERSPORT 1.57 inch (40 mm) Sport Suspension for VW Passat 35i Variant 35i type (s) VR6 (128 kW) Built 04 / 1988–08 / 1992 Front-

Suitable for VW Passat 35i Variant (s) Type 35i Build Date 04 / 1988–08 / 1992

  • Type (s): 35i
  • Year: 04 / 1988–08 / 1992
  • Motorvariante (s): VR6 (128 kW)
  • Drive: front
  • maximum axle load (front- and rear-suspension): 1020 / 2248.71 lbs (1020 kg)
  • &Drop (Front Rear): 1.57 inch (40 mm)
  • T?V-certification: T?V-certification according to ? 19.3
  • important (r) Reference (s): not for vehicles with levelling, not for four-wheel drive vehicles (Quattro 4–Motion (4WD, 4 x 4, design with a Small Spring VA 4.33 inch (110 mm)
    the Produktabbildung is a sample image
  • SUPERSPORT Premium Sport Suspension

    SUPERSPORT Lowering Springs are made from high quality cold wound UK. a solid chromium-silicon steel, the extensive and careful stages, and one EPS-coating ensure a long Fahrspa?. some Fahrwerkssysteme are on the rear axle of height by Nutenverstellung justierbar. It may, in addition , a fine-tuning
    be made for the running gear is a sporty / toned with Sport Suspension Alltagstauglichkeit.

    even when it is low-on case goes SUPERSPORT-Sportfahrwerke provide a sufficient Restfederweg when lowering and despite the sporty streamline debate a great comfort.

    Марка Supersport
    Тегло 25 Kg
    Размери 76.4 x 38.4 x 27.7 cm
    Модел SU60N033
    Каталожен номер SU60N033
    Тегло бруто 25 Kg
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