Mann+Hummel C30703 Air Filter

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Категория: Горивна,Охладителна,Маслено-въздушна системи
Mann Filter


  • This product is covered by a full OE Quality Warranty
  • This part matches Original Equipment (OE) quality specifications which means that it is at least as good if not better than the original part the manufacturer supplied the car with.
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Product Description

Artikel: Luftfilter
Art-Nr.: C 30 703
Hersteller: MANN-FILTER
Aussendurchmesser 303 mm
Innendurchmesser 1907
Innendurchmesser 1 105 mm
H?he 381 mm

Passend f?r folgende Fahrzeuge
DAF 85 FA 85.400|03.1995-02.1998|295KW/401PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FA 95.310|09.1987-09.1990|225KW/306PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FA 95.330|08.1990-01.1993|242KW/329PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FA 95.350|09.1987-09.1990|259KW/352PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FA 95.360|08.1990-01.1998|268KW/364PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FA 95.380|09.1987-09.1990|282KW/384PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FA 95.400|08.1990-01.1998|295KW/401PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FA 95.430|02.1992-01.1998|315KW/428PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAD 95.350|09.1987-09.1990|259KW/352PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAD 95.360|08.1990-01.1998|268KW/364PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAD 95.380|09.1987-09.1990|282KW/384PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAD 95.400|08.1990-01.1998|295KW/401PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAD 95.430|02.1992-01.1998|315KW/428PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAG 95.350,FAR 95.350,FAS 95.350|09.1987-09.1990|259KW/352PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAG 95.360,FAR 95.360,FAS 95.360|08.1990-01.1998|268KW/364PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAG 95.380,FAR 95.380,FAS 95.380|09.1987-09.1990|282KW/384PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAG 95.400,FAR 95.400,FAS 95.400|08.1990-01.1998|295KW/401PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAG 95.430,FAR 95.430,FAS 95.430|02.1992-01.1998|315KW/428PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAK 95.360|08.1990-01.1998|268KW/364PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAK 95.400|08.1990-01.1998|295KW/401PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAK 95.430|02.1992-01.1998|315KW/428PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAR 95.310|09.1987-09.1990|225KW/306PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAR 95.330,FAS 95.330|08.1990-01.1993|242KW/329PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAT 95.350|09.1987-09.1990|259KW/352PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FAT 95.360|08.1990-01.1998|268KW/364PS|11600ccm
DAF 95 FT 95.310|09.1987-09.1990|225KW/306PS|11600ccm

System Requirements

Article number of recommended accessories: CF 1630; CF 1610
Height [mm]: 381
Inner Diameter [mm]: 191
Inner Diameter 1 [mm]: 10.5
Outer Diameter [mm]: 303

Марка Mann Filter
Тегло 5 g
Размери 29.8 x 15.8 x 3.7 cm
Модел C30703
Каталожен номер C30703
OEM Part Number DAF:667 078, FIAT:4788592, FIAT:8122408, IVECO:812 2408
Тегло 4.5 Grams
Тегло бруто 4.1 Kg
Date First Available 16 Sept. 2011
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